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Junior Golf– Quality Time Included

As a parent who loves golf, nothing’s quite as rewarding as watching your child sink their first putt on the green, or drive the ball out of the tee box for the first time without your loving help. Those memories will last a lifetime. Here’s a few tips for creating quality time on the course avec kids:

Tip #1: Don’t Get ‘Hangry’:

Even the ones wearing the tiniest of kid’s golf shoes can get ‘hangry’ sometimes. Huffingtonpost.com described it as, “the emotion where hunger and anger intersect, and it is a lonely, terrifying place.” Humorous, but not exactly the way you want them teeing off. So whether you’re top chef or worst cook in the country, make sure to fill ‘em up before you go and have plenty of nibbles on hand to avoid bicker on the back nine. The best snack choices are high in protein, providing lasting energy, like nuts & cheese. It may be tempting to hit the sugar shack to spur the gang into high gear, but, i t won’t be very pleasant when you have to peel Polly off the cart path on the 2nd hole, while spectators snicker.

Tip #2: Dress for the 9’s:

Or, if you’re brave enough, go all 18 holes with your munchkins! But, be doubly sure they’re dressed for success. You would be amazed at what comfortable clothes and right kids golf shoes can do to make or break your play day. Head to toe, here are some time-tested, sometimes mandatory basics:

  • Golf Shoes – Everyday shoes can cause extensive damage to fairways, greens and you! Styles nowadays are colorful, cool and trendy.
  • Prepare for Rain – Having a fifty-cent slicker on hand will protect your little ones from a sudden soak and keep you from cutting the day short once the drops dissipate.
  • Avoid the Burn – Sunscreen is a given, but it’s not the only thing that will help prevent sunburns on sensitive necks and faces. A good hat that will give you 360 degree protection is a necessity on the fairways at any age.

Tip #3: Finish Strong-Drink Water!

Hydration is the name of the game when it comes to kids and hours of outdoor activity. The benefits of drinking water are endless, but the key one is an overall sense of well-being and mental acuity that will lend itself to the enjoyment of the day, allowing you to focus on bonding with your kids.

Having done all to prepare, cherish every tee, bunker, chip and choke. Time with your children will pass by quicker than you can fly over the green solo, even on your best days. If you play your holes right, now, before you know it, those kids will be carting you around, and revering every moment. Then, you can look back and say, “Golf was great, but those times were greatest.”

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